A personalized approach to assisting authors of books about
business, the professions, and the built environment.

Vilma Barr founded Barr Publications & Editorial Services to provide planning and editorial assistance to authors seeking the publication of their non-fiction work. She serves as a consultant to Business Expert Press as the Collection Editor for Business Career Development. She also places books with other internationally distributed publishers, available in print and electronic formats.

She applies her experience as a published author, co-author, and editor of more than 18 books on a wide variety of subjects, from retailing to sales management, from interior design to lighting. Her association with an author begins at any stage of a book’s evolvement, from inital concept to completed manuscript.

Vilma received a B.S in Business Administration from Drexel University and completed a joint graduate program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management and the Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

“Vilma is a brilliant writer and editor. She has been instrumental in publicizing my work and increasing industry awareness for lighting education. The article that Vilma wrote on my work as a teacher and lighting designer perfectly captured my philosophy and passion.”

Cindy Limauro,
Professor of Lighting Design, Carnegie Mellon University

“With a working knowledge of what’s going on internationally in the business and design worlds, Vilma takes on new challenges that give our publications a distinct voice among many competitors. Vilma is simply a pleasure to work with.”

Jim Crockett,
Editorial Director, Construction Business Media

“Business Expert Press is pleased to welcome Vilma as Collection Editor for Business Career Development. She is an important presence in business journalism and in non-fiction literature. Her experience and broad market knowledge is an excellent fit for our expanding market.”

Rob Zwettler,
Executive Acquisitions Editor, Business Expert Press

“I’ve enjoyed our working relationship for over 30 years! Vilma has amazing instincts to which approach will be most effective for a given editorial situation and a considerable sensitivity to graphics.”

Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D.,
Garden Atriums Sustainable Homes

“Many thanks to Vilma Barr, my literary editor, for her advice, guidance, and tireless work reviewing multiple drafts of this book.”

Stan Silverman,
Author, Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success

“Vilma is armed with a wealth of knowledge regarding general business challenges, operational techniques, and applied technology. She writes with a respected authority she has earned.”

Linda Longo,
Editorial Director, Bravo Business Media

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